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eel of a single meal

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I ate eel that is quite expensive for dinner. It cost me 476 Yen for two pieces roasted eel. I didn’t doubt the taste would be perfect for me, yet there was a voice questioning me whether it is worth for such a single dinner. Whose voice was that? God’s voice? Would he care that much? Or rather it was a voice of the enemy? Or it was the voice of the past? When I was often told by my mom of every expense that it crippled me.

Then, I said to myself. It is surely expensive, but I didn’t buy it for pleasure alone. First, I need to eat something, and eel would be a great meal. Second, I got two pieces of eel in one package while in fact I could only eat one piece at a time, so it would just cost me 238 Yen a single meal, and it was cooked, so I save time and energy. Third, compared to dinner at even cheap cafeteria, it would be much cheaper. Last, I didn’t buy eel for quite long time, and all ready to eat food is not as great as roasted eel. Then, it was a perfect choice for dinner at home.

Until now I don’t understand why eel is considered an expensive meal, though I know it tastes very good. I love roasted eel except that its snake shape is very ugly. Its dark grey color skin has nothing good to see, but its flesh is white and soft and tastes very delicious that one could forget how it looks like. How amazing. Surely, it is great to know how to enjoy food.

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