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one spring day in japan…

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The clothes are hanging outside the window-door…under the warm sun on one spring day. My stomach is full after a very satisfying brunch. I cooked it.

Inside my warmer ‘roku-jou’ room, I left all the stuffs on the floor, made it a bit messy with books and clothes from yesterday occasion. We had celebration yesterday because two of our members in small group had just been baptized as a token of faith.

My mind was full of thinking of quite life.  Alone yet satisfied. Really? It is hard to describe the quite and satisfied life. Was it like just now? Feeling that no more desire to pursue any rank or status in society or achievement in study or high-salary job. Opposite of what my mom mentioned earlier that we need money to live, I certainly am the other side. Yet I pray that I may not be so poor that I commit sin just to provide my daily needs.

Now that everything is in my hand. Nothing is lack of me. It is very difficult to liven up myself. Why should I do study? Whom shall I do this for? Now still an opened question.

LIFE, a human drama

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To be short, the story is simply about a girl’s life as a new high school student and how she grew up mingling with her friends when basically she only needed few best friends.

This drama is based on manga under the same title. This drama offers the bullying issue that was to be humanistic issue perhaps beyond reality, but still awakening our awareness of immediate social issue and responding rightly.

What’s interesting to me is the main character of Ayumu was finally realized that in order to be against bullying targeting herself by Manami, she needed to see beyond her current circumstances. Far beyond the school wall to the wide world where still much possibility lies open to give hopes for her future life. In the end forgiveness was given to Manami, yet not to the bullying.

Best performance for the main protagonist character, Ayumu. Best performance for the antagonist character, Manami.

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