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Seeking the truth about internet

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I am not specialized in internet, but I have many, ah no, lots of questions about internet and how it works. I experienced the first computer emergence during my high school when we were still using word processor and floppy disk as thin as a sheet of paper from black film material which can only save small amount of data. This floppy disk has 3½ on it which I don’t know what it means, maybe inchi. I still remember those time when our PC is still as big as a printer and copy machine (haha, this is not a good comparison I guess). Now flash disk and drive have been replacing that floppy disk s as the PC components getting smaller and tiny. The nano technology has been enabling  computer to the portable type with higher memory storage and faster processor. A friend of mine said since 1997 the chess game on computer has been unbeatable by human. Human has created monster named computer. Right after the computer technology and programs have developed so enthusiastically fast, the internet era is following. It started from an idea about networking among the computer users and to store up the information for the ever increasing demand of larger memory space in a mother computer and to retrieve the information at anytime. The internet technology has been rapidly developed since it was introduced in 1995 (well, I need to correct and check this information later). Only in five years the internet technology has developed wireless connection which is followed by the wireless laptop. Now that billions of users have been actively using internet, the increasing information uploaded in one tenth seconds could reach thousand hits and entries (this needs further reference) at the same time. It’s amazing. It resembles the process of human’s brain in processing information, stored it, and retrieved it at any time needed. Human’s brain even can picture exactly the detail information as it happened in actual time.  The storing and retrieving phase of information in human’s brain is an intricate work of unconscious mind. Memory loss if somewhat concerns with  forced elimination some parts of (I believe) unconscious mind. This also can happen to memory storage in mother computer called server the whereabouts is unknown and protected. This is where the interesting part about internet begins. What if memory loss happened here?  Forced elimination of memory to the data stored in the internet. Because I have no idea how data or information is stored in the internet, I present my rough assumption about memory loss. It must have been marking the end of human era when the majority of human social life has been connected through internet either directly or indirectly along with their identification data and information. This is unthinkable since human has been dependent onto internet as their part of human brain’s work to process and store information. (i just make one correction about memory loss as the forced elimination of unconscious mind).

So far so good

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from a conversation with 911


I watched a video on internet about a small kid who helped her father calling 911 on a heart attack. She was still very young, although the host didn’t mention but my guess from her voice is around 5 years old (oops, now I remember she mentioned it, I think I should look for it again). This young girl is very smart and calm despite of her age (now it just popped on my mind that I like using the word ‘despite’). The host’s commentary is also interesting as the conversation on the phone during that young girl with the male operator is continuing. She in her style added some words that sound grown-ups, such as ‘so far so good’ when the operator asked her about her daddy’s condition repeatedly until the rescue team comes. She has been acting wise, the host said, most probably she copied those words from her mother as well as all the calm voice and acts. She said she needs to change her clothe first before the rescue team arrives because she is still undressed. Of course the operator asked her to stay at her father’s side to keep him awake and continue reporting her father’s condition. Then when she was asked anybody else who is there, she called her dog in naively and told the operator that the dog was acting nice and just barking a little bit or what (I don’t really remember exactly her words as I don’t really remember when I watched this video). I got two points from this on-the-phone conversation, (oops I gotta go, and shall continue on next writing).

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