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From Inception Movie

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This is not a movie review. This is just my personal interpretation of the movie.  Inception or the creation is a great movie. Playing with someone’s mind in his or her subconscious. This movie made it possible what seems to be impossible. This is what makes it original and awesome. It carries a subtle message on how our mind works that we might not realize. Human remains a mystery to the mind level. Who created dreams? Who controls your dreams, after all? That is a good question. Time and space are twisted. We no longer are tied with physics where time and space are so confined. This is the highest creation of a world beyond imagination. Do we know the meaning of those dreams? Do we like them?  Those dreams that separate us from reality somehow connects us with the truth about ourselves that we might never realize in the real world. Only in dreams we might figure it out. Only dream can awake us and urge us to do something in the real world, a world that truth might be twisted. Dreams that people always look for are sometimes carry the answers to our conscious mind. Dreams that may affect us more than reality (the limited physical world which is so limited in range of perception) are so appealing. And only those who are chosen are able to conceive such a high dream. Watch out for the fiercest enemy, not the physical one nor the so-called traitor, but our own mind that may produce guilt, fear, sadness, evil, etc. The mind is the most deceptive enemy.

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