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Awake from sleep

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Sounds very burdensome…it takesĀ  to live a life like Christ! To die on the cross! Horrible! Terror! Certainly I don’t want to suffer that much! I only want to liveĀ comfortable life with all the blessings as a Christian…!!! I don’t want to suffer a lot like this! I know it takes commitment to live up the good character like Christ…but I could not bear all the silent struggle and tears. I am tired of kneeling down and all the blues. And today’s message! I didn’t want to go to Church, telling the truth! I wanted to sleep or just lying down with my head under the warm pillow…seeking the warmth, avoiding sudden dropping temperature in Japan, at the tip of winter. Yet, my Lord successfully dragged me down to the Church. I finally attended the last service at 3.30pm. Thanks Jesus for this!!!! I always owe you this!!!!!!!!

I just realized why my prayers never be answered! I blocked the highly powerful might of God to be at work in me. This is today’s sermon. Under the big theme of revival at TBC, first the important ingredient of how God may work for revival is the presence of Holy Spirit…HS is the sole motivating principle in my life. Second, the availability of ourselves to let it work in us. HOW!? Through our expectations…!!!!! The higher the expectations the more powerful God may work in us and through us. Wow…sounds very great! But this unfolds the reality that I never expected him to work to the point of extraordinary while the truth is God is more than able!!!!!! I sang this song many times…but never realize that to the heart!!!!!! I am the one who limits his power to work to the level of extraordinary while he is awaiting my response to work to his full might!

It feels like I always fold my hands and never let him hold my hands! But things I’d like to write down is that revival means BEING AWAKEN from a long sleep! And look up the sky and once again broaden my view till I can see my horizon. AWAKE from SLEEP! It is not working if I keep holding the key…I should’ve given the key to him and let him open it and turn me on. I just need to watch and see how it works.

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