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Two fish & five breads

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Finally I cooked for 11 people…hmmm supossed to be 15 or 16, so we were missing 5 people. Fortunately I cooked super enough and not too excessive. I was not so well-prepared at all. I just wanted to cook for my small group fellowship every Wednesday night as we are having dinner together before the fellowship which starts at 7:30 pm. Yet, it turned out to be a wonderful time and pleasing for everyone!

Previously, only few people volunteer in cooking for all of us, most of the time Judy and Alice. We have fellowship at Judy & Ted’s house, so perviously Judy cooked for us simple food, but very gorgeous. Ted & Judy are couple from US, Ted serves in Tokyo Baptist Church as the worship leader. Alice is Reiner’s wife, she’s housewife and working part time at a cosmetic company, both from Malaysia. Alice also cooked very deliciously mainly chicken, my favorite food. Besides, the way Alice cooks is close to Indonesian, so I always love her cooking. Then when Akane joined us couple of months ago, she suddenly introduced us to a vast array of International cooking, such as Mexican food, kinda pizza bread, tiramisu, and spicy chicken. She’s Japanese, but her cooking skill is so marvelous that she is able to cook many kinda food, and not merely Japanese style as Japanese food is usually plain and not spicy at all, surprisingly Akane did not hesitate to put hot taste to her cooking…using pepper. I certainly love her skill and cooking. And then, Irasema cooked very delicious Mexican food for us, followed by Sharon who cooked delicious Joyous rice (I forgot the exact name XD). And now me turn!

So, when I decided to prepare for cooking Indonesian food, I had in mind chicken and salad, eat with rice. I always love my mom cooking for us in every big occasion such us birthdays, and new years, chicken and vegetables, and noodles. She’s my idol in cooking matters, but Indonesian food is basically a mixture of many different ingredients and spices that are hard to find in Japan, unless I go to certain shop in Shin Okubo or Ueno area of course with Japanese price that must be expensive. That’s why I planned to cook my way of simple but healthy food. I was so blessed that I have a friend who opens food business to advice where to buy the stuff. Just recently she gave me the direction to a cheap supermarket, called ???a very nice place to shop for large business with a very low price. I have known this kinda shop back in Osaka, few years ago, and I always got low price for my stuff. This shop is mainly not retail but for large buying, but it still surprised me when I found that the price of frozen boneless chicken chest part is so low as 580 Yen for 2 kgs pack. It was domestic product, much cheaper than the Brazilian products of 758 Yen for 2 kgs pack. Total cost for the shopping was 1,568 Yen including vegetables. Then shop for dinner for 11 people were only less than 2,000 Yen. Hmmm, what a saving! While we collect money every dinner 800 Yen per person, the expense for food that night I cooked is less than 150 Yen per head, excluding drinks and other snacks. And we eat until totally full and still so many leftovers to bring home or keep for next week. Hahahaha…it was a miracle of 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread! I love it!

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