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Blessings thru ministry

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I was overwhelmed when I served dancing at TBC Fall Concert 2010, 4 & 5 Sept 2010. I wasn’t sure what kind of feeling that was, but I found the word in the Bible, overwhelmed. At night I could not get it off, the music and dancing were in my head. The moves and steps were following me, urging me to dance again for him. I was feeling okay though. I didn’t feel like it was my mind who controlled my body. It moved by itself, and the feeling, emotion I felt, my countenance and smile, my eyes, all were perfectly under control of either my conscious and subconscious mind. It was natural. Gifted. Talented. Gift from above.

That’s why another verse came to me that night. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created. (Jm 1:17-18) That all of this caused by God, in me since my birth that I may be the kind of blessing that He meant for all of us to be, that I may show them how to use it, or how to be/receive blessing for people who doesn’t discover yet their own talent.

When I had a chance to meet Mrs. Kiriyama at Church service one Saturday night, she spoke again about how impressive she got from our work and service. She really wanted to see  my two boys again. I didn’t think she’ll be that happy and surprised. I also felt encouraged with that ministry. I stayed late the night before just to think about what I shall prepared more and how I shall arranged the furniture and decoration of our booth. Well, even though the information provided at the beginning was too little according to me, I was letting my mind off that perfection level I used to have. I kept contact with my other helper there, a young Japanese girl, about the condition and tools, but seeing by ourselves the condition was quite relieving and ‘click’ there came the idea from God. It was just like natural when we were preparing to arrange all the tables and chairs and souvenirs. Not to mention the clothes and books and data given to us from many friends, Akino, Maclaurin, Lyta, Andy, and Martin.

All grateful feeling to all of them, and most of it to the Lord who directed me from the point of calling our friends to help and participate in, the meetings afterwards, and so on despite of their busy schedules with schools and homeworks. God’s calling or assignment is never failed. He’ll  never leave us either. In every step He’ll provide with things and ideas and let use it to show His glory. We were called strong minister. We were able to speak in perfect English with some Japanese greetings we’ve used to get their attention and to communicate with them. We used quizzes and little presents to reward them and encourage them to speak with us. In the end, though my two boys were off earlier due to their schedule, I was able even alone to control those girls and communicate with them resulted in the big circle of girls around me. I was once again naturally gifted to catch their attention and eyes, and encouraged them to speak up, as I was asked to do. It was the Lord who controlled me, my speech, my actions, my attitude. I was overwhelmed once again.

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