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Beautiful in its time

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Well, lingering mind…aaaah, can not pour out so many things on my head at one time…these days too many wonderful things happened to me unexpectedly…I am the happiest creature in my room, hahahaha! Well, simply put, I finally got myself back after several confusing days for something that I do not think I would get the answer. I simply now accept that with joyful heart, because that is the only part of mine. Telling the truth, I feel like I am going to stop thinking. I can not control my own thought, it feels like my thought is not part of me, but it is another person….For nights I could not sleep because my mind is still awake in the deep of nights and so I recall everything I dislike and rethink of things I would rather forget. Those were so horrible nights.

Just to remind me of the time when everything is beautiful, blossoming flowers in its time…This thought would replace all the must-forget thoughts. Beautiful in its time, what a very encouraging and awesome phrase I have heard thousand times, but I just found the deeper meaning quite recently. I love this phrase ever since I heard it for the first time…I could say I let my tears down for hearing the same phrase over and over again. Realizing how many times even a day I could feel my spirit down, craving for encouragement from others, yet no one seems able to do that. No one seems to understand me. Then, this verse comes to me….everything will be beautiful in its time. Well, it is so simple and true. It brings me back to the source of life. So, it is not one who is mortal whom I should depend on, finally I thought. It is God whom I shall put all my praise into that I shall depend on.

It took me days and maybe years to understand to the heart for that simple truth! Yet God is trully working in mysterious ways, hmm. He enjoys surprises and smiley faces when his children found the treasures he meant to discover. No doubt that his treasures have eternal value and so worthed more than anything, so it is necessary for every believer to hunt for it instead of putting all the efforts on temporary and valueless treasures.

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